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FB-NAVI F1 Semi Erect Plant Habit, First Picking 60 – 65 days after TPL, Very beautiful and sweet in taste, Oval round fruit, purple to blackish in color, 60-80 gm fruit weight, first picking 60-65 days after transplanting, non-thorny variety.

Plant Type: Semi Erect Plant

Fruit Color:  Purple to blackish

Fruit Shape: Medium Long

Fruit Bearing: Cluster

Fruit Weight: 60-80 Gm

Days To First Harvest: 60-65 Days After Transplanting

Spacing: 90 × 60 Cm

Seed Rate: 200 Gram Per Hectare

Seed Count: 225 to 240 Seeds Per Gram

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Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 12 × 2 × 18 cm


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