FB-2011 (GREEN CAPSICUM) F1 Medium Tall with Semi Spreading, 7-9 cm fruit length with square, big blocky shape, Light Green fruit color with 6 to 7 cm width, AV.140-200 Gm fruit weight with 3-4 lobes, highly tolerant to major pests and disease, Firmness is sweet, very high yielding hybrid suitable for open field ,net house protection.

Plant Type: Medium Tall with Semi Spreading

Fruit Color:  Light Green

Fruit Length: 7-9 Cm

Fruit Width: 6-7 Cm

Fruit Shape: Big Blocky

Fruit Lobes: 3-4

Fruit Weight: 140-200 Gm

Fruit Firmness: Sweet

Other: Highly Tolerant To Major Pests And Diseases

Spacing: 90 x 60 x 45 cm

Seed Rate: 200-250 Gram Per Hectare

Seed Count: 250-300 Seeds Per Gram

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